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Already in childhood, I liked to make my own things. Especially Jewellery. But only since adolescence have I been developing this hobby. I've explored many different techniques and materials since, but nowadays my materials of choice are mainly silver and (semi) precious stones. The technique I use most often is called 'wire wrapping', though I sometimes apply silver smithing techniques such as soldering as well.

All my jewellery is created with great care. The silver wire that I use is heated, bent, curled, cut, sanded, polished and hammered into a unique piece of art. Often, my jewellery is finished with a dark grey patina to bring out the depth of the wire-work.

Jeske Hendriks

Where to buy?

My jewellery and tutorials are for sale on Etsy, which is an online platform on which many artists and craftsmen sell their creations. On Etsy, I have two different online stores: One for tutorials (Yourbeadsandfindings), one for my jewellery (Yeske Crafts):

Yeske Crafts 



On september 13th, 2014, Laurien from Laurelinde Sieraden published an interview of mine on her blog. It is written in Dutch. The interview discusses my work, inspiration and history in jewellery making:

> Interview at Laurelinde



You can always contact me by sending personal messages over Etsy or to my Facebook page. Guestbook entries are also always welcome.